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L3220G4 MultApplier
L3220G4 MultApplier
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Sterling MultApplier

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Sterling MultApplier

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New Leader G4Dual hopper application of fertilizer

  • Broadcast two products simultaneously.
  • Control conveyors independently.
  • Broadcast fertilizer from 60’ to 84’.

Single hopper conversion

  • Broadcast ag lime.
  • Broadcast pre-blended fertilizer.
  • Broadcast fertilizer from 60’ to 105’ and lime up to 60’.

New Leader has incorporated the accuracy and quality of the L3020G4 fertilizer and lime spreader into a new spreader that permits dual or single product application.

Introducing. . . .
The new L3220G4 spreader with the MultApplier dual hopper insert!

L3220G4 MultApplier
Buy the L3220G4 single hopper spreader now
L3220G4 MultApplier
then add the MultApplier dual hopper insert later!

The patent-pending MultApplier broadcasts two materials simultaneously for spreading materials independently or together at a predetermined rate.

After removing the MultApplier dual hopper insert, the L3220G4 works alone to broadcast a single application of lime or fertilizer. It achieves the same accurate spread pattern as the well-known L3020G4, with effective swath widths from 60’ to 105’ when spreading fertilizer and up to 60’ when spreading lime.

After more than 60 years of building the best spreaders in the industry, New Leader is proud to offer this innovative product that upholds our tradition of quality. Diversify your services and multiply your profits with the New Leader L3220G4 spreader and MultApplier dual hopper insert!

L3220G4 Single Hopper Features & Benefits

  • Removal of the MultApplier dual hopper insert converts the unit to spread a single application of lime with effective swath widths up to 60’ or fertilizer with effective swath widths from 60’ to 105’.
  • The extra wide 30” belt-over-chain conveyor reduces material bridging when spreading lime, and provides uninterrupted delivery when spreading fertilizer.
  • The swinging inverted “V” reduces conveyor load and prevents material bridging when spreading lime.
  • The dished spinner design includes predetermined settings for fertilizer, urea, lime, and wet lime to simplify spread pattern testing and daily application.
  • Achieve a range of application rates from 75 pounds of fertilizer per acre to over six tons of lime per acre.
  • The simple, under two-hour conversion to remove the MultApplier and install the L3220G4 endgate increases diversity and profitability. (Overhead lift required.)

L3220G4/MultApplier Dual Hopper Features & Benefits

  • The dual hopper spreader permits simultaneous application of two products at a predetermined rate. Broadcast fertilizer from 75 lbs. per acre to 1100 lbs. per acre at 15 miles an hour. Achieve effective spread widths from 60’ to 84’.
  • The MultApplier features a 24” wide belt-over-chain conveyor to provide the uninterrupted delivery needed when spreading fertilizer.
  • The hi/low gate settings are fixed at 3” or 11/2” for simplified set up and operation.
  • The 5’ long MultApplier is constructed of heavy-duty 304 unpainted stainless steel to resist corrosion. The L3220G4 is available in lengths of 12’, 13’ and 14’ with construction in your choice of carbon steel, 409 painted stainless steel, or 304 unpainted stainless steel.

L3220G4 MultApplier


L3220G4 - Dimensions and Capacities (102” Width Hopper)
Body Length
Overall A
Inside B
Frame C
Cab to Axel C.T.
Struck Capacities
Cubic Yds. (Cu. Ft.) cu. m.
12 ft. 3.66m
172” 436.9cm
144” 365.8cm
135” 342.9cm
*102” 259.1cm
9.43 (255) 7.21
13 ft. 3.96m
184” 467.4cm
156” 396.2cm
147” 373.4cm
**102-108” 259.8-274.3cm
10.26 (277) 7.84
14 ft. 4.27m
196” 497.8cm
168” 426.7cm
159” 403.9cm
**120” 304.8cm
11.10 (300) 8.48

L3220G4 MultApplier

L3220G4 / MultApplier - Weights and Capacities (102” Width Hopper/MultiApplier)
Body Length
Spreader Weight
Struck Capacities
L3220G4 Less MultApplier
Cubic Yds. (Cu. Ft.) cu. m.
Struck Capacities
MultApplier (only)
Cubic Yds. (Cu. Ft.) cu. m.
12 ft. 3.66m
3430 lbs 1556 kg
1000 lbs 454 kg

5.51 (149) 4.21
4.25 (115) 3.25
13 ft. 3.96m

3680 lbs 1670 kg
1000 lbs 454 kg
6.34 (171) 4.85
4.25 (115) 3.25
14 ft. 4.27m

3930 lbs 1783 kg
1000 lbs 454 kg
7.18 (194) 5.49
4.25 (115) 3.25


L3220G4 MultApplier Fenders Available in Overall Widths of 124” & 132”.


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