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New Leader L3020XP

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New Leader L3020G4 / L2020G4
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New Leader L3020G4 / L2020G4
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New Leader L3020G4 / L2020G4
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New Leader L3020XP
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Effective Spread Width Information

New Leader G4Extreme Performer
The L3020XP is the new extreme performance lime and fertilizer spreader that completes the G4 Series line of spreaders. Ideal for high lime applications, it provides a 25% increase in productivity and return on investment.

Powerful Hydraulic Package Includes:
• Tandem hydraulic pump for 50% increase in spinner power and 20% increase in conveyor speed.
• Soft-start relief valve for reducing the start up load on all drive components while increasing output.
• Hydraulic oil cooler as standard to keep oil temperature low, ensure peak performance, and increase component life.
• New 304 stainless steel hydraulic tubing for longer service life.
• Optional pulse width modulated valve for closed-loop spinner speed control from the cab to maintain a uniform spread width.

Heavy-Duty Construction Includes:
• The #3 pintle chain conveyor (standard) aggressively conveys lime. The #4 belt-over-chain conveyor (optional) is superior for spreading both fertilizer and lime.
• 2000 Series Motors drive conveyor for a 20% increase in conveyor revolutions per minute.
• Dual feedgate jack ensures a level gate opening and consistent depth of product coming off of conveyor.
• Bolted-in endgate reduces stress loads on body due to racking, plus heavy-duty longitudinal supports provide additional structural support.
• Patented and proven G4 Series variable rate broadcaster.


Dimensions And Capacities (102” Width Hopper)
Body Length
Overall A
Inside B
Frame C
Cab to
Struck Capacities
Cubic Yds.
(Cu. Ft.) cu. m.
Spreader Weight
12 ft. 3.66m
172” 436.9cm
144” 365.8cm
135” 342.9cm
*102” 259.1cm
9.43 (255) 7.21
3450 1568 kg
13 ft. 3.96m
184” 467.4cm
156” 396.2cm
147” 373.4cm
10.26 (277) 7.84
3700 1681 kg
14 ft. 4.27m
196” 497.8cm
168” 426.7cm
159” 403.9cm
**120” 304.8cm
11.10 (300) 8.48
3950 1795 kg

New Leader L3020XP

Cab To Axle (CA) Measurement: Please consult federal, state, and local weight laws and chassis manufacturer’s ratings to ensure neither government weight restrictions nor the GVWR and GAWRs are exceeded. Tire and tandem axle size may require mounting modification of optional mud flaps.

L3020XP Max MPH
125,000 Index
Swath Width
15.0 mph
13.6 mph
12.5 mph
18.8 mph
17.0 mph
15.6 mph
25.0 mph
22.0 mph
20.8 mph

125,000 Index = 4 tons of lime at 90# density with a 50’ spread width at 18.8 MPH.



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