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Knight Manure Spreader
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Stahly Peterbilt Knight 8132

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Spreads most types of vegetable waste, paper, gin trash, bio-solids and many other farm and industrial waste.

The Bedder Spreader is ideal for filling open housing with straw, corn fodder or other bedding materials.

Mulch can be applied to orchards, nursery shrubs,
new seeding, golf courses or any other application.

Now more versatile with the Bedder Spreader
  • Saves time, labor and bedding
  • Fast, efficient and convenient operation
  • Even distribution of bedding
  • Adjustable spread width Dual purpose - Spreader or Bedder

Farm Equipment with Innovative Material-Flow Design
Examine the material flow in the illustration below and note that the left auger moves material forward to the discharge hammers. The slightly raised right auger moves the material rearward while keeping the left auger evenly charged with material. It is this patented circulating action that makes the ProTwin so effective in handling the toughest material encountered in most applications.

Hammer Discharge with Forged-Steel Hammers

This Manure Spreader features the patented discharge design includes forge-steel, free-swinging hammers that fold back to absorb shock from most foreign objects.


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