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4x4 QuadTrax Sprayer
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Quadtrax 4x4 Multi-Purpose Pre / Post / Dry™

Stahly's new WFL QuadTrax series with go-anywhere mechanical 4-wheel drive makes the best even better!

WFL QuadTrax

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WFL QuadTrax

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WFL QuadTrax w/Booms Down

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COMBO UNITS – From This... To This in Under an Hour!

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Stahly's “Quick-Change-Combo” is designed to be a true combo, which means it can be switched over fast and easy. For the best return on investment, operators are utilizing one multi-purpose applicator for almost year round use which maximizes investment and lowers cost per acre. Save your high clearance machines for what they’re designed for, you may find that you don’t need an overweight 1,200 gallon hydrostat and that you can get across a lot more acres with a Stahly QuadTrax than with a “ground-up” unit or hydrostat. Many customers run 25,000 acres of post acres before switching to their high clearance machines extending the service life dramatically or are downsizing to 1,000-800 gallon units.

Stahly ExtraLite

Stahly's legendary severe service truck based applicators are more rugged, dependable, longer lasting than any home built ever made.

You will cover more acres each day with fewer headaches.

Run the machine several years longer and get a lot more at trade-in time.

Three sizes for liquid, dry spinners, or combo.

4x4 QuadTrax 1200 / 1600
1,200 to 1,600 gallon Pre / Post™

Sterling ExtraLite


Stahly beats the competition hands down!


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