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L5034G4 Compost Spreader
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L5034G4 Compost Spreader
Feedlot Manure, Waste Water Sludge, Industrial Waste, Paper Mill Waste,
Compost, Marl, Poultry Litter, Fly Ash, Sludge

6 Tons to the Acre • 12 to 14 mph • 50' Swath
Compare with anything else on the market!

Pull Type Trailer Versons also Available


Stahly IH7600 w/16' L5034
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Stahly IH7600 w/16' L5034
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Hydraulic Reservoir & Cooler
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L5034 Rear
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Heavy Duty 30" Dia 3/8" Thick Spinners
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The L5034G4 compost spreader uses patented technology to spread material farther, wider, and
more consistently than any other applicator.
    • Higher payload capacity and greater material output.
    • Precise record-keeping of environmental material
    • Get the job done more accurately in less time.

The New Leader L5034G4 is the best built and most versatile compost spreader in the industry. Its superior features allow you to cover more ground in less time - while maintaining an accurate spread pattern - to make your business more profitable than ever.

The extra wide 34” (86cm) conveyor and 50° side slopes provide better flow of material and increased output, and the 118” (300cm) wide body increases payload capacity for heavy spreading needs. The non-corrosive stainless steel conveyor floor prevents material build-up under the conveyor, providing longer service life to the overall conveyor system.

The L5034G4 also features dual 30” (76cm) spinners and tandem hydraulic pumps to broadcast material faster and farther, and minimize time in the field. Compared to the average compost spreader, spinner power is increased by up to 50% and application rates are increased up to 33% or more.

Compost Spreader
The L5034G4 comes
standard with a hydraulic oil cooler
to keep oil temperature low ensuring peak performance and increased component life.

L5034G4 Compost Spreader
The L5034G4 material divider ensures a uniform spread pattern by directing material off of the conveyor onto the spinner discs.
Compost Spreader
The hydraulically-controlled feedgate
allows adjustments from the comfort
of the cab.
Get the job done more accurately and in less time.
34” (86cm) wide conveyor More output; better flow of material.
118” (300cm) wide body Increased payload capacity.
50° side slopes Smooth product output with less material bridging.
Large 30” (76cm) spinners Spreads material faster and farther, minimizing time in the field.
Tandem hydraulic pumps Increased spinner power up to 50% and application rates up to 33%.
#1 chain with .5” X 1.5” (1cm x 4cm) crossbars (standard) #2 & #3 conveyor chain (optional) Moves material through the box quickly to ensure consistent application.
Stainless steel conveyor floor Non-corrosive and reduces friction, allowing product to flow smoothly; prevents material buildup to eliminate premature conveyor failure.
Straight rear endgate set farther into
the body
Prevents free flow of material when loading hopper and when conveyor is stopped.
Hydraulically-controlled feedgate Adjust the feedgate from the comfort of the cab.
Feedgate sight gauge Monitor the feedgate opening from the cab.
NL 7™ controller (optional) Easy-to-operate spreader control allows you to change application rates on-the-go. Creates application reports (PDF file) for accurate record keeping. No back office software needed.

L5034G4 Compost SpreaderThe L5034G4 may be ordered with the New Leader 7™ spreader control that features the SmartReport™ application reporting function. It creates an application report (PDF file) you can print and file for accurate record keeping of environmental applications without the need for complex back office software.

SmartReport gives you the following:
• Certified Crop Advisor license information
• Product Environmental Protection Agency requirements
• Applied totals with product coverage map(s)
• Weather data
• Soil and tillage conditions

The NL7 features the SmartReport application reporting function.


Compost Spreader

L5034G4 Compost Spreader

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