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Stahly Navistar

More Visibility, Planetary Axles
and Increased HP

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COMBO UNITS – From This... To This in Under an Hour!

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Stahly's “Quick-Change-Combo” is designed to be a true combo, which means it can be switched over fast and easy. For the best return on investment, operators are utilizing one multi-purpose applicator for almost year round use which maximizes investment and lowers cost per acre. Save your high clearance machines for what they’re designed for, you may find that you don’t need an overweight 1,200 gallon hydrostat and that you can get across a lot more acres with a Stahly Dry Floater than with a “ground-up” unit or hydrostat. Many customers run 25,000 acres of post acres before switching to their high clearance machines extending the service life dramatically or are downsizing to 1,000-800 gallon units.

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Pre / Post™ Liquid

Engine: I-530 OFF ROAD 350 hp @ 2000 RPM, inline 6 cylinder, turbocharged and "Air-to-Air" after cooled. Peak Torque 950 ft/lb @ 1300 RPM. H.D. dual element air cleaner w/self powered Centri precleaner. 1150 sq. in. cross flow radiator, 1030 sq. in. air cooler. Fuel/Water separator, Front mount PTO provisions. Two year engine warranty. Horton air operated fan clutch w/manual overide to lock on.

Transmission: "State of the Art" Allison RDS3000 4-speed automatic, rated by Allison for 330 h.p., 950 ft/lb. Three year Allison warranty. Torque converter locks up in 2nd through 4th gear. Range inhibitor prevents vehicle from going into gear unless at idle eliminating any shock loading of driveline.

Front Axle: 20,000 lb. capacity. 16,000 lb. multi-leaf front springs 4 in. x 54 in., Dual L & R Ross integral hydraulic power steering gearboxes, Stemco seals, Hayden power steering cooler, Stahly lift blocks, steering arm, drag link and front end alignment. 20" 10-hole Budd front wheels moved in 2.5" closer to frame. 41' turning diameter (turning radius 20.5') from centerline of vehicle.

Rear Axle: Axle Tech Two-Speed Outboard Planetary rear axle. 35,000 lb. multi-leaf rear suspension with 14-bolt plate wheels.

Frames: 108" cab to axle, 110,000 PSI Double "C" frame 10.12 in. x 3.06 in. x .312 in. 3,198,000 lb. RBM. Integral front frame extension, Front tow hooks, special non corrosive paint treatment.

Brakes: Front 16.5 in. x 5 in., Rear 16.5 in. x 7 in.
Full air service and parking brakes, 13.2 cu. ft. Bendix air compressor w/filter deleted and routed directly to air cleaner. front limiting valve, rear dust shields.

Cab: Air Ride cab, Twin sided galvanized steel, Polyurethane paint inside & out. Additional Stahly rust treatment on cab and frame. Fiberglass hood and fenders, Stahly fiberglass fenderset. Vertical exhaust w/ Guard, Deluxe interior, Air conditioning w/charcoal filtration, Tinted glass, AM/FM, Tilt & Telescopic steering column, Vernier hand throttle, Hi back air drivers seat, Passenger seat, Air horns. Mirrors moved out ten inches for increased visibility. Full instrumentation.

Electrical: 12V system, 100 amp alternator. Circuit breakers. Dual maintenance free batteries (1100 CCA)

Fuel Capacity: Single 100 gallon fuel tank.

Tires: 48 x 25.00 - 20 10 ply front (48 x 31.00 - 20 10 ply optional) 66 x 43.00 - 25 10 ply "Deep Tread" rear. Front tires are computer spin balanced. Caster, camber & tow in calibrated on our 30' drive on frame machine for 48" tires.

Warranty: One Year Navistar Warranty, Three years on Allison Transmission, Two years on I-530 Diesel.

Options: 48 x 31.00 - 20 front tires, Stahly "Hydraulic-steer Hi-Rise" front axle with auto steer, Row Crop Tire packages, Air Ride Cab.


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